CinemAsia, the annual Asian film festival in the Netherlands, will start its upcoming edition on Saturday March 10 from 1-2.30pm in filmtheatre Kriterion in Amsterdam with hosting masterclasses by two of their (inter)national guests (and judges): Indonesian director Joko Anwar (Satan’s Slaves, Halfworlds, A Copy of Mind) and Dutch director Martin Koolhoven (Brimstone, War Winter). They will talk to each other about their experiences with directing genre films. In a conversation moderated by film critic Hugo Emmerzael, these two directors and film connoisseurs go into their artistic vision, for which audience they make their films (national and international) and at the differences – and possibly also similarities – between the European and Asian markets.

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Sound Of Silence Festival

The 4th edition of the Sound Of Silence Festival for silent film and live music will take place in Den Haag, from 9th-11th of March. During three days the festival exhibits six events of film masterpieces accompanied by innovative musical arrangements that incorporate different acoustic instruments, analog and digital electronics, voices and more. All the music is performed live. The internationally renowned musicians who collaborate with the festival work in varied genres such as electronic, experimental, jazz, flamenco, baroque music and more.

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MUBI free of charge for film staff and students

MUBI is a curated online cinema and community that offers a subscription-based video on demand service. It features a movie every day and makes it available for its users over a period of 30 days. The service is available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices such as mobiles, tabs, computers, and TVs. For both staff and students of Film Studies a subscription of MUBI is now free of charge.

Visit the MUBI website.
Read the press release about MUBI for film staff and students.


Public Lecture Series This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice

This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice is a six-session series at EYE offering insight into what happens behind the scenes in film archives, museums and cinemas. Each session will cover a different topic and feature an introductory lecture by Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at EYE and Professor of Film Heritage at the UvA), followed by an extended Q&A with an invited (inter)national expert on the session’s topic and a film screening.

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Programme on African (diasporic) cinema on IFFR

This year the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) will be held from 24 January to 4 February. One of their programmes is Pan-African Cinema Today (PACT), which covers African and the African diasporic cinema with features, documentaries, shorts, virtual reality, music videos and rare classics. The main event to explore Pan-Africanism, the revolutionary historic movement aiming to liberate and unite all Africans worldwide, is Bridging the Gap on Sunday January 28th.

On this day, from 12-6pm, international filmmakers and film professionals will talk about this underexposed milestone in history in a dynamic talkshow setting: Haile Gerima (acclaimed director of Sankofa and Harvest 3000 years), Louis Massiah (director of W.E.B. Du Bois – A Biography in Four Voices, a documentary about one of the most influential Pan-Africanists), Shirikiana Aina (producer of Sankofa and director of the newly released Footprints of Pan Africanism), Ford Morrison (producer and initiator of The Foreigners’ Home, a documentary about writer and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison), Rosine Mbakam (director of Les deux visages d’une femme Bamiléké) Jon Goff (film specialist of the Smithsonian NMAAHC), Clarence Peters (Nigeria’s most dynamic music video director), Patricia Pisters (professor of film at UvA about The Battle of Algiers and Queimada), Milford Graves (legendary free jazz drummer featured in Milford Graves Full Mantis), Nadia Denton (on Beyond Nollywood) and many more.

The talkshow is free of charge and open for all to visit. Check here the info of the talkshow. And check here all the films included in the PACT programme.

Florian Haag at IFFR to show ‘The Villain Robert Otto’

During the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam (24 January – 4 February), filmmaker Florian Haag, who is currently a student in the MA programme Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image, will show his film The Villain Robert Otto, with which he graduated from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. The film is a portrait of an exceptional writer – the mysterious Swiss Robert Walser, who was productive and much-loved, but went insane and got forgotten, to become rediscovered long after his death. He had been in a psychiatric institution since 1933, and was no longer writing. But countless notes were found in shoe boxes.

Florian will be present during the screenings on the 27th and 28th of January. For more information, click here.

NECS 2018 Conference ‘Media Tactics and Engagement’

The University of Amsterdam, the Free University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University are happy to present The NECS 2018 Conference ‘Media Tactics and Engagement’ from 27-29 June 2018. There will also be a Pre-Conference (‘Media in Transition’) on 26 June 2018 hosted by Utrecht University and a Post-Conference (‘Open Access in Media Studies’) on 30 June 2018 hosted by the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision. The deadline for te main conference is 31 January 2018. Please submit all proposals using the submission form.

Go to the submission form.

Cine Qua Non Pop-up Shop

Following the successful re-launch in August, Cine Qua Non is back in the form of a pop-up shop. You can find the store until the end of this year opposite the Coffee Company on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. They have a diverse supply of film books, stills, posters, magazines, postcards and DVDs.

Check out their website here.


Stedelijk Statements: Patricia Pisters – Worlding the Brain is the fourth edition of Stedelijk Statements, a program series in which a scholar, artist, critic, or cultural entrepreneur composes an evening at the museum. The organizer of the program is given the floor to share his or her views on visual art and design. New research and both artistic and academic projects will be presented during an evening program consisting of lectures, debates, performances, and film screenings. In this edition, Professor of Film Patricia Pisters (Media Studies, University of Amsterdam) shows how art translates subjective experiences that take place in our brain.

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Call for Papers EYE International Conference 2018

From May 26-29th, 2018, EYE teams up with the University of Amsterdam and Sound and Vision in organising a special edition of its annual International Conference, entitled ‘Activating the Archive: Audio-Visual Collections and Civic Engagement, Political Dissent and Societal Change’, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Master’s in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (P&P), a programme of the Department of Media Studies in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Living Media Arts foundation, and others. The call for papers is open en the deadline of submissions is 15 November 2017.

CfP in PDF

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Big Thinkers: Marguerite Duras

On Thursday September 7th (8pm) De Balie hosts another edition of Big Thinkers, this time on Marguerite Duras (1914-1996), the writer, filmmaker, opinion leader with bluntness and ‘enfant terrible’ of French literature. The evening will feature a discussion with writer and psychologist Marte Kaan, theatre maker Julie Cafmeyer and film scholar Patricia Pisters.  

Click here for more info and tickets (in Dutch).

Black Figures, Black Voices: Edgar Cairo

On Thursday July 6th from 7-10pm there will be a second session of Black Figures, Black Voices focuses on the work of the Surinamese -Dutch poet and author Edgar Cairo (1948-2000). The evening at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam starts with a screening of Cindy Kerseborn’s documentary ‘Edgar Cairo: Ik ga dood om jullie hoofd’ (2011), about the life and work of this writer, poet, painter and performer. Kerseborn’s film highlights Cairo’s role as a pioneer in the thinking about a black identity and a black consciousness in the context of the Dutch colonial history and post-colonial present. During this evening, Charl Landvreugd (Artist, Researcher) will read from Cairo’s poems and present a performative lecture that focuses on reading Cairo as theory. In the exhibition space, a number of rarely exhibited paintings by Edgar Cairo will be on display. The program ends with time for questions and a dialogue between the audience, Charl Landvreugd and Cindy Kerseborn.

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Film and Conversation Ararat

The Armenian Genocide is commemorated every year by descendants of survivors. What is the influence of the genocide and the commemoration culture on them? On the 8th of June this will be discussed in the Humanity House on the basis of the film AraratArarat (2002) is a drama film about a family and film crew in Toronto working on a film based on the Armenian Genocide. In addition to exploring the human impact of that specific historical event, Ararat examines the nature of truth and its representation through art. After the film there will be a conversation with Marie-Aude Baronian, Associate Professor in Film and Visual Culture at the University of Amsterdam, and Aysenur Korkmaz, PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam in regional, Transnational and European Studies. The event is free of charge and open for all to join.

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The Poetics of Fragility

On Tuesday, May 23th, from 10:00-12:30 hrs, there will be a film screening of The Poetics of Fragility (2016, 63 mins) and a master class with its filmmakers, Lata Mani and Nicolás Grandi, at the VOC-room of the Bushuis (Kloveniersburgwal 48, Amsterdam). The screening (and accompanying Q&A) is open for the general public, along with the participants of master class. The screening is organized by Sudha Rajagopalan, hosted by NICA and ASCA, and moderated by Jaap Kooijman. The Poetics of Fragility is a kaleidoscopic bilingual exploration of the texture, vitality and aesthetics of fragility. It interweaves stories of bodily frailty with optical vignettes of nature’s delicacy to reclaim fragility as intrinsic to existence, not something to be bemoaned or overcome.

Registration: Please register for the masterclass by sending an e-mail to Eloe Kingma at, including your program and affiliation.

EYE International Conference 2017

From Saturday May 27 to Tuesday May 30, the annual EYE International Conference takes place at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The final schedule of this 3-day program is now available online. This year, the conference presents a special 40th edition of the technical symposium The Reel Thing. Founded and curated by Grover Crisp and Michael Friend, The Reel Thing addresses current thinking and most advanced practical examples in the field of preservation, restoration and media conservation, and creates an international common ground for discussion and evaluation.

The Reel Thing has been presented all across the United States, as well as Europe and South America, since its inception in 1994. The Reel Thing at EYE Filmmuseum is a 2-day program with a unique line-up of 25 international laboratory technicians, academics, archivists, new media technologists and preservationists. The Reel Thing includes technical presentations and special screenings of restored films. The opening of the EYE International Conference on Saturday May 27 is part of the EYE Collection Day, featuring recent highlights from the collection of EYE Filmmuseum. The 3rd conference day, on Tuesday May 30, takes place in the new EYE Collection Centre.

Program and registration information can be found here.

Geo Mediations Symposium

Geo Mediations celebrates the entanglements of media and geological events. By situating media objects and digital culture within geological processes, the event addresses the need for a materialist understanding of mediation in the Anthropocene: the present geological epoch during which humans have become a geological force that is capable of having environmental impact on the earth. The evening program brings together a wide ensemble of voices in both talks and artwork presentations.

20:30 -23:00  Mediamatic Biotoop  Dijkspark 6, 1019BS Amsterdam By Mediamatic Foundation  +31206389901

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UvA Researchlab: The Extended City Symphony

This month a new wave of curators and artists will present self-composed programs and remixes of material in the EYE collection. Students of the Master Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image and the Master Media Studies (UvA) have made programs consisting of films from the EYE collection and their own work (remixes).

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