Our alumni go on to become professionals in a variety of fields, both in academia and in the wide range of media culture and practice.

Our Master’s students who wish to continue the scholarly explorations they began during the course of the programme often pursue further postgraduate training.  And many of these students subsequently find a PhD position, obtaining scholarships from universities all over the world including Kings College (UK),  SUNY Buffalo (US), Lund University (Sweden), University of Southhampton (UK), Hong Kong Baptist University, and the National University of Singapore. Continuing on this academic path our alumni have become assistant, associate and full professors at university programs in Berlin (Babelsberg Konrad Wolf University), New York (Pace University) and Universities across the Netherlands.

Many others find their professional path in film and media practice related jobs. Our graduates start their own production or distribution companies, work as programmers at national and international film festivals, cinemas and cultural centers, as researchers or editors in media companies or television programs, and as advisors at funding bodies. Others enter into film practice, working for film productions or making films for Youtube channels or film companies. Our graduates are also well represented among film and art critics and journalists. Film masters find their study offers a solid ground for jobs in the wider cultural field, such as in museums, art galleries, libraries, and schools.

Graduation Research Master Media Studies (September 2022)

Alumni with a degree in Film Studies can be found at companies and institutes such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Weinstein Company Europe, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, IDFA, VPRO Television and many more. Media companies such as Submarine Productions, and Full Color Entertainment are founded by alumni of film studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Here are some testimonials by some of our past students about their experience in the MA Film Programme:

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