MA Film Studies Thesis Titles

Check out some recent MA Film Studies thesis titles here.

The Audiovisual Essay

The audio-visual essay is an emerging form of film criticism, film theory and film analysis that is developing rapidly in many different modes and genres.  A useful  introduction to the audio-visual essay form can be found in: NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies

Here are several examples of audio-visual essays produced by our MA film students:

Dimitris Poteas, Copy of Copy of Copy of Happiness : An Essay Film on Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil

 Sissy Paling,  Vocal Strategy

 Jasper Stratil,  Spaces of Resonance

In 2016 Jasper Stratil published the final version of his video essay in [in]Transition, the first peer-reviewed academic journal of videographic film and moving image studies, under the title Revisiting Bruxelles-Transit: Moving through Spaces of Resonance:

 Jasper Stratil, Revisiting Bruxelles-Transit: Moving through Spaces of Resonance

 Lucia ten Berge, Dysrecognition

 Tess Boissonneault, The Outsider Within: Jim Jarmusch’s Characters


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