The course curriculum of our MA Film Studies is designed as a fulltime 1-year programme of 60 credits consisting of:

  • compulsory courses (30 credits)
  • free-choice electives (12 credits)
  • an MA thesis (18 credits)

The language of the compulsory courses and the MA Thesis is English. In most cases, students are expected to write their papers and thesis in English.

For detailed information about course requirements and a list of current offerings, please see theĀ course catalogue (2022-2023).

Research Seminars

The research seminars offer our MA students insights in an emerging and specific research field of Film Studies, ranging from theoretical and/or historical issues to more generic problems in the field of the (moving) image. It offers an overview of the research tradition and the different positions structuring the field and discusses the open questions, challenges and possible future developments. The students will be working in a small group in order to gain deeper insight into the given area of expertise.

The research seminars offered in the academic year 2022-2023 (semester 1) can be found at Film Research Seminar I and Film Research Seminar II.

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