Pei-Sze Chow

  • Film aesthetics
  • Space, place, and identity
  • Transnational media geography
  • Cinemas of small nations/regions (Denmark, Singapore)
  • Algorithms and AI in cinema
  • Diversity and representation in film

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Emily Clark

  • Music and sound
  • Ethnographic methods
  • Colonial history, migration and diaspora
  • Audiovisual archives
  • Anthropology/history of the senses
  • Representations of culture and nature

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Charles Forceville

  • Visual & multimodal metaphor/discourse
  • Narrative & argumentation across media
  • Relevance theory and visuals
  • Documentary, animation, comics
  • Cognitivist film studies
  • Research bridging academia and the real world

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Catherine Lord

  • Practice-based research
  • Intermediality
  • Adaptation studies
  • Literature and film
  • Environmental humanities
  • Cinema and ecology (eco-films)
  • Climate change communication
  • Film and psychoanalysis
  • Frankfurt School, media, and the culture industry

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Emiel Martens

  • Postcolonial film and media studies
  • Popular geopolitics
  • Film (and) tourism
  • Audiovisual industries (production, industry, policy)
  • Humanitarian communication
  • Alternative and activist media
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Caribbean cinema

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Christian Olesen

  • Film historiography and theory of history
  • Film archiving and digitization
  • Media archaeology
  • Digital Humanities and Digital Heritage
  • Documentary and experimental cinema
  • Sound theory and auditory culture

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