Emiel Martens

  • Postcolonial film and media studies
  • Popular geopolitics
  • Film (and) tourism
  • Audiovisual industries (production, industry, policy)
  • Film histories of the Global South
  • Caribbean cinema
  • Humanitarian communication
  • Alternative and activist media
  • Creative and cultural entrepreneurship
  • Film-based research / research-based filmmaking

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Christian Olesen

  • Film historiography and theory of history
  • Film archiving and digitization
  • Media archaeology
  • Digital Humanities and Digital Heritage
  • Documentary and experimental cinema
  • Sound theory and auditory culture

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Patricia Pisters

  • Film-philosophy (Deleuze and Guattari)
  • Neurocinematics (affect, altered states)
  • Film aesthetics (particularly genre & gender)
  • Transnational media and politics
  • Dutch cinema and documentaries
  • Media ecologies
  • Elemental media studies

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Tommy Tse

  • Body, gender and sexuality
  • Celebrity culture and fandom
  • Chinese cinema (Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan)
  • Consumerism and globalisation
  • Fashion film: aesthetics, identity and practices
  • Media and cultural theories

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Maryn Wilkinson

  • Film style (analysis and close reading)
  • Feminist film theory, and studies of representation (gender, sexuality, class, race, nation)
  • American cinema and culture (history, politics, pop-culture)
  • Celebrity studies
  • Musicals and music in film
  • Teen/youth film and television (rites-of-passage)
  • World cinema, especially India, Iran, and Japan

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