MA Thesis Titles 2014-15

Student Thesis Title
Eva Bakkum A New Teenage Heroine in Dystopian Action. Interrogation and Validation of Traditional Femininity in The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner
Lucia ten Berge Dysrecognition: Emotional Engagement and Estrangement at The Congress (2013)
Judith Boeschoten Resurrecting the Dead: a Political Reading of the Humanization of the Zombie Figure
Tess Boissonneault Jim Jarmsuch: Fashioning a World of Outsiders
Jip Brock Dahl and Anderson: Author Versus Auteur
Wim Dijksterhuis Genius, billionaire, playboy, philantropist: the 21st Century Superhero in Film as an Expression of Contemporary Utopia
Emre Duyar Re-Imagining Queer Cinema: Finding the Accent in Queer Filmmaking
Jurrian Fakkeldij Breaking Bad in de polder. Hollands hoop op kwaliteitsdrama: Narratieve complexiteit onderzocht in het scenario van Hollands Hoop en vergeleken met Breaking Bad op basis van genre, structuur en personage.
Tomer Gal The Middle Man. The Art House Film Theatre in the Digital Age
Ermeson Gondim Brazilian Cinema Identity in the Age of Postcolonial Globalization
Simone Houg Touching Textures Through the Screen: A Cinematic Investigation of the Contemporary Fashion Film
Sophie Jansen Hollywood High: Class Society and the Ideology of Conformity in High School Film
Britt Kaandorp Transmitting Fear through the Screen. Aesthetics, Narratives and Media in Contemporary Horror Films
Spring vd Linden Intimate Technology through Mind, Soul & Body: Exploring the Intertwine of Human and Technology on an Individual Level in Spike Jonze’s Her
Yvette Luhrs Doing Pornography Publicly: How pornography is debated in Dutch mainstream media and why it is important to include alternative pornographies
Bo van der Meer De stijl van Heddy Honigmann. Een onderzoek naar de documentaires Metaal en Melancholie, Crazy en Forever
Michou Meijer The Power of the Creative Dark Child: An archetypal analysis of the Tim Burton films Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie and how they can be recognised and experienced by the adolescent viewer
Doortje Peters Muted Horror. Geluid en the uncanny in Inland Empire
Mireille Rooijendijk Taking Care of KAUWBOY’s Nest: Blurring the Line Between the Reputations of Dutch Commercial Films and Dutch Art House Films
Teuntje Schrijver Hany Abu-Assad’s Historical Testimonies. History and Identity in Palestinian Cinema of the Everyday
Eva Smits Rethinking the Film Star Definition: the Transition of Italian Male Actors from National to International Stars
Josephine Timmers Super Citizens: How Superheroes Represent Ideal American Citizenship and Reproduce National Rhetoric
Maaike Tol Demarcating the Neurothriller: Reading Film as an Exploration of Patricia Pisters’ Concept
Tessa Verheijden Gender Matters and Cinematic Imagery: Challenging Heteronormativity and Normalizing Gender Variance through Trans* Cinema


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