Cross Media: Scientific Images

Departing from the “scientific image”, the three sessions of this semester will focus on the function of the image and its transformation as a resource in visualization, translation, control, manipulation and commodification. These functions, linked variably through history with knowledge production, expanded into fields as diverse as landscape painting, brain visualization, documentary film, and forensic television.

Starting in the first session with a focus on the scientific image’s multiple functions (data visualization, diagrammatization, on-screen  manipulation), the second and third sessions will look firstly at a genealogy of the conceptualization of the functions of the image across the fields mentioned above, while the final session will explore the crossmedial concretizations of these conceptualized functions including between film, television, photography, satellite imaging, etc.

Lav Diaz presents two of his latest films

Screening and Q&A Golden Leopard Winner From What Is Before (December 7th 13.00) and Storm Children (December 8th 21.30) and Q&A with Lav Diaz, one of the 2014 Prince Claus Laureates. Immerse yourself in Lav Diaz’s groundbreaking cinema.

Storm Children delves into the aftermath of the the deadly Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November 2013. Freight ships thrown from the sea lie between what remains of houses and shacks. In the middle of this post-apocalyptic scene, a horde of children are creating a new world for themselves.

Q&A with Lav Diaz hosted by Bregtje van der Haak (documentary filmmaker, journalist, & Prince Claus Fund Board Member). In partnership with International Film Festival Rotterdam.