Next Media Suite Seminar on Exploring Abstract or Operational Images

On Wednesday May 24, 2023, from 15.00-17.00 hrs, the next Media Suite Seminar on ‘Exploring abstract or operational images as new media (arts) research in the Media Suite’ will be hosted online and on location. In this seminar, Megan Phipps will present her work on the CLARIAH Media Suite’s collection acquisition of The Peter Rubin Collection (Eye Filmmuseum), a multi-media, experimental film, audiovisual performance, and rave/techo-based collection. She will discuss experience gained in archiving a re-mixed based collection and examine how viewing abstract images through an operational framework can provide a fresh look at the role of the (new) media histories within audiovisual archives. Together, attendees of this webinar will explore methods of researching abstract (new) media arts and operational images through cross-collection research, cross-media analysis, and the search functionalities features provided within the Media Suite. Participation is possible on location at the UvA Media Studies Department’s E-Lab (BG1, Room 0.16, Turfdraagsterpad 9) or via Teams.

More info and registration