Workshop on research-based filmmaking at InScience Industry Day

On Friday, March 17, at 10.45am, Film faculty Emiel Martens will host a workshop on research-based filmmaking at the Industry Day of the InScience Film Festival. The making of a film starts with translating an idea into a plan to submitting this plan for funding. However, writing a film plan and securing funding can be very challenging, particularly for independent research-based filmmakers who often might not be considered as ‘official’ and ‘fulltime’ filmmakers (but as researchers, academics or, worse, hobbyists). In this workshop, film scholar-practitioner Emiel Martens (Film Studies, UvA) discusses the importance of a film plan and the various elements that go into such a plan. In addition, he will share different funding opportunities for independent research-based film productions, particularly research grant schemes that are increasingly oriented towards societal impact (or ‘valorisation’) through creative public outputs such as research-based impact films.

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